Japanese Poop Museum

Warning: This post may not be suitable for adults.

Today’s Word Of The Day is うんち (unchi). That’s Japanese for poop.

Last weekend, my wife and I went to the Confectionary Exposition in Himeji, and on the way back to the car we saw this sign:

Japanese Poop Museum

Here is what the sign says:

Everybody come and play! Come and look! We have poop books!

Rabbit: It’s shit time!

Gorilla: Come and see my shit too!

Elephant: Animal shit is here yo!

See it. Touch it! Smell it! Explore!

Can you guess what animals made this shit? (3 pictures)

Himeji Museum Of Literature, Special Exhibit. April 1st-May 18th

Naturally we couldn’t resist.

We paid our way into the little exhibit. On the walls around the room were little pictures of animals doing the deed:

Japan Poop MuseumJapan Poop Museum

Then you get to see the real stuff up close, displayed in cute little boxes as if they were Easter treats. You are free to look, handle and sniff to your heart’s content. Can you guess which animals this shit belongs to? (Answers below):

Japan Poop MuseumJapan Poop MuseumJapan Poop MuseumJapan Poop MuseumJapan Poop Museum

Answers: Zebra shit, Addax shit, Hippo Shit, Giraffe Shit, Elephant Shit.

Excretory Literature

But that’s not even the main attraction! This is the Himeji Museum of Literature. What would this exhibit be without books about poop?

Japanese Poop Books

Book Made Out Of Shit

The paper of this book was made from elephant dung:
Japanese Poop Book

Unchi Restaurant

This book, titled “Unchi Restaurant” is about a bug that eats dung (warning: plot spoilers ahead):
Unchi Restaurant

Unchi Restaurant

Trans: Eww.. What’s that smell?

Unchi Restaurant

Trans: It’s shit!

Unchi Restaurant

Trans: Munch, munch.

Excretory System

Japanese Poop Books

Trans: When you eat breakfast your belly starts to move, and your poop starts to move too.

Poop1: I’m getting pushed out!
Poop2: Here I come!

Shit Professor

Japanese Poop Books

Trans: I am the Shit Professor. I know everything there is to know about shit!

Nasty Fish

Japanese Poop Books

Trans: Fish: Delicious!

Eh? Shit is delicious?

Yes. Shit is delicious food.

The hippo takes a dump and then these little fish eat it, chasing after the hippo’s butt.

End Of The Japanese Poop Exhibit

Finally, after enjoying the literature, you can take a picture at this special cut-out to take home as a souvenir:
Japanese Poop Books

If you want to see it first-hand, the exhibit is open until May 18th, 2008 at the Himeji City Museum of Literature. It is well worth it.

Himeji City Museum of Literature Info (Japanese)

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  1. Ahhhhh! I can’t believe I just read this! Too much fun.

    Aaron | Mar 24, 2011 | Reply

  2. People collect Dinosaur and some, whale poop which is illegal to sell. A certain whale thats under protection, its poop is priceless and used in perfume.

    Rebecca | Jan 13, 2012 | Reply

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