Taking an audio class may be a great way to study language lessons but requires good concentration. Using headphones is a good way to cancel out background noise in order to focus on the audio lesson. Finding a good set of headphones can be somewhat challenging because of the many options available. Three important factors to consider when searching for a good set of headphones are comfort, sound, and durability. Let’s take a closer look:


Finding a comfortable set of headphones is important when you are going to be wearing them a lot or over long periods of time. Noise canceling attributes may sound great but the positive pressure created may make the headphones extremely uncomfortable especially if they do not have proper padding. Being able to focus on the lesson instead of the pain in your ears is vital for concentration. Too much or too little padding may also affect the sound.


The ability to hear and understand the speaker is vital to successfully completing an audio language lesson. What is being said is just one aspect of sound. How the word or words are said is also very important to interpreting tone. Select the headphones with the best range and treble in order to focus on the intricacies of the voice. Some adjustment to sound can be made through the equalizer If you are playing the lessons through a computer. Even with adjustments, the overall quality of the sound depends on the speakers or headphones.


Wear and tear is normal for headphones especially for the wires. Finding a comfortable pair of headphones with good sound may be difficult but making the pair last for an extended period of time can be challenging. Headphones made with metal parts tend to be longer lasting then those made with plastic parts. USB connectors usually are more durable than audio jacks. Nylon cords are more likely to knot then their rubber counterparts. Knotting can cause kinks which degrade the sound. Regardless of how durable the headphones are proper care is vital.

Headphones cords are usually more durable then earbuds but wireless headphones are sometimes the better option. Wireless headphones are generally more expensive but made be worth the money if you need to be able to get up and move around during the lesson.

The best way to find the perfect set of headphones for you is to test them out. High end music stores usually have testing displays. Look for the set with the clearest voice. Remember bass is not as important as treble when listening to audio language lessons.

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