Hey, I’m Ryan. Welcome to Babel Hut.

In today’s society, there are people of many races and cultures. Most would like to immigrate to other countries, make new friends from overseas, or even would like to teach their language across seas. Some might not even speak the language that is required and often relies on friends or family members. Often, if no one is found, a translator is hired and could sometimes be costly depending on how many hours or days they are being used.

Foreigners in new countries have nowhere to go and don’t know where to even start looking for jobs or housing. Most do not have friends or family in their newly established home. The language barrier tends to make them stand out most and trying to stop someone who has the patience to try to understand can be hectic.

Meeting new friends from another country could often cause a lot of miscommunicating if not using the proper translation technique. After a while, the conversation will start going dull because you would have to keep explaining yourself in much simpler words and may not express yourself the way you intended.

Teaching language across seas is a big one. Many would like to share their knowledge of their country and culture. Having just the knowledge of just your language isn’t going to help unless you know a bit of theirs as well. Teaching a class will become harder because no one will understand what you are saying and sometimes will eventually stop coming.

To overcome all of these obstacles, it is very important to study and practice another language. Find one that interests you and set goals. You may even impress your friends and family. Learning bits and pieces will really help in the future and could even turn out to be a paid job if you choose to go that far.